Murray and Valerie Wise

Murray and Valerie WiseMurray and Valerie Wise of Naples, Florida, are Mayo Clinic patients and benefactors who have named Mayo in their will. They have developed a plan that funds their philanthropic priorities today and will continue to do so long after the Wises pass on. It also takes care of their children and grandchildren. And it has exciting tax implications.

"The most gratifying part of the experience was a conversation between my accountant and attorney," Murray says. "The attorney asked about the taxes after I pass on. My accountant said, 'There is no tax owed under this plan.'" The Wises arrived at a plan where gift planning and tax reductions go hand in hand. Other financial planning tools provide similar benefits, and the Wises encourage people to make decisions about their estates sooner rather than later.

In addition to naming Mayo Clinic in their will, the Wises fund a Mayo Clinic scholarship that allows them to see the results of their generosity while they are "alive and kicking," they say. An example are the letters of gratitude they received from the Mayo students supported by their gift.

"When you receive a letter like that, it makes you understand that even a modest amount of money can be life-changing," Murray says. "Many people make Mayo Clinic what it is," Valerie adds.

"When you look at everything Mayo Clinic does in patient care, research and education, you come to a realization," Murray says. "Outside support is necessary to sustain Mayo and to make its future as bright as its past."

You can become a member of The Mayo Legacy by including a gift in your estate plan to provide hope and healing to every patient in the future. Get inspired by reading how other benefactors show their support.


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