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Turn Your Giving Into Lifetime Income

When you create a charitable gift annuity with Mayo Clinic, we both benefit. You receive fixed payments for life in exchange for your gift, and what is left after your lifetime will accelerate the lifesaving discoveries of tomorrow.

How Gift Annuities Benefit You

  • Receive a partial income tax charitable deduction when you itemize.
  • Enjoy capital gains tax savings if you donate appreciated assets.
  • Receive part of each payment income tax-free throughout your estimated life expectancy.
  • Feel more secure in your retirement – and feel good knowing you are enabling new cures and new hope for patients seeking answers.


Contact Mayo Clinic Office of Gift Planning at or 800-297-1185 for additional information on charitable gift annuities or to chat more about the personal benefits of creating an annuity with Mayo Clinic.


Take the Next Step

Get started by requesting an application to establish a charitable gift annuity at Mayo Clinic.

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